Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fried rice.

  Growing up, our house was what you would call 'meat and potatoes'. I'm not sure I had ever eaten raspberries or avocados or indian food until college- so the fact that I like (and make!) dishes like fried rice, loaded with veggies, is huge. Its become a staple for us lately- we love it! I made a huge batch last night for the rest of our work lunches this week, posted a pic on instagram, and thought I'd share my recipe. Guys, it so easy. Here it is! But be sure to read my tips below...

  What I love about dishes like this is that you can change it a million ways and have it still turn out delicious. Different preferences, what you have on hand, and time available may call for some adjustments. Here are some of the random things I add/do::

- Rice. Sooo I never cook the rice in advance. Its ideal to have day old, cold rice from the fridge to add- but I'm never prepared. Instead, I cook the rice according to the package (usually while I'm cooking a couple frozen chicken breasts, since I don't preplan that, either). When the its done, I put into a large container and throw in the freezer while I cook the eggs and veggies. This makes it firm up a bit and be just the right texture. (I should mention we always use brown rice!)

- Eggs. We love lots of egg in our fried rice so we use 4, but you could totally use less (or more!).

- Veggies. I love that I can use frozen veggies for this- my favorite mixes are both from Trader Joe's. I usually add one cup Harvest Hodgepodge and one cup Stir Fry veggies. With both, I get a mix of soy beans, snow peas, onion, carrots, mushroom, broccoli, sprouts- good stuff. You can adjust the amount of veggies to your liking.

- Serving sizes. I find that when I prepare 1c of uncooked rice, it comes out to a bit more than 3c cooked. I usually have more than I need, and throw that in the fridge to use for a small batch of stir fry or fried rice later. You may find you want to use more/less rice.

  Let me know if you try it! And any tweaks/change you make...I'm always looking for improvements :) 

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meme-and-he said...

yes! I was looking for this recipe this morning after I saw it on instagram last night. Now to figure out how to make orange chicken...sounds like the perfect meal.

laureneshepherd said...

I will try this!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

My husband would die if I made this, he LOVES fried rice. Looks yummy, Katie!

Unknown said...

You spoke to me here, seriously I grew up the same way, meat And potatoes only, I'm so excited to try this:)