Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring swap!

  This year, I teamed up with Stormy for the Spring Blog Swap {see past years here & here}. We had such a great turn out! Today, everyone is linking up their fun spring packages. I don't know about you, but there couldn't be a better time to start celebrating spring. The snow in Indiana is melting and we have warmer temps on the horizon! So exciting!!!

  I was paired with the lovely Ashlea...who lives way up in Washington state! I had so much fun getting to know her and really loved hearing all about her little family. We had way more in common than I thought- and I had a blast putting her spring box together! But since that little package had to travel to the other side of the country- it'll be a few days before hers arrives. Be sure to check out her blog to see what I sent!

 **Update! I got my little spring-y package in the mail yesterday! I was so excited to open in and see what Ashlea sent me. 

   I had shared with her that I am excited to get my garden started this year and she sent the most adorable gardening gloves. A girl can never have too many pairs! She also sent a jar of wheat grass seeds and I am SO EXCITED to create a new centerpiece with them. I'm now on the hunt for the perfect planter! Since my sweet little box had to travel all the way from WA, it must have gotten a little jarred on the trip, because 1/3 of my box was shattered :( I was so bummed to find the purple pot Ashlea sent had been broken to lots of pieces. But what can you do? I still love my gloves & seeds :)
  Be sure to check out what everyone sent & received! We'll leave the link open for awhile so everyone has time to receive their package and come back & share with us :)


  Happy spring!


Shawna said...

What a fun box! I have a horrible black thumb.. I can't grow a thing! haha

I think the grass seed would look super cute in a big glass cylinder type planter :)

Unknown said...

arg, Im still so mad about that!