Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sense of humor.

  Remember what I said on Monday? That prayer I prayed? Ha. God's got a sense of humor. The moment I woke up on Tuesday, discouragement started creepin' in. Um, no thanks. I pep-talked myself all day, but couldn't shake it. So after a busy morning of dentist appts, meetings, and work, I made myself take a break mid-afternoon.

 That's right. I made myself a steamy cup of green tea, lit my favorite candle, and sat in my favorite sunshine spot in the house. And prayed. Then got out my journal. Then pulled out my Bible. Next came my thankful journal. A solid two hours and a crowded table later, and the discouragement was replaced by rest. I was reminded that God is always good, that God is always moving, and that there is always always something to be thankful for.
 Funny how one cup of tea always turns into something more. 

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Emily grapes said...

I hate when Satan does his best to take the peace you have from God away. So happy you fought back with diving into His word!