Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be up & doing recap. {2}

 I set some sort of broad, general goals for February. To be honest, I wasn't sure how they'd pan out. But goodness, am I happy with them!

 By the time January came to an end, I realized that I needed to seriously shift my focus. I know that it's different for everyone, but for me, blogging and social media in general can be a slippery slope to comparison and discontentment. And more likely than not, it serves as something that draws me further from where I want to be with Jesus rather than closer. Hello. Not okay. My heart's been really introspective lately, and to really focus on where my treasure lies {or needs to lie!} and literally focus more what God says about my life- I needed to shut it down. Not worrying about posting and more importantly, about reading others' blogs helped me to just quiet down a bit. To step back and remember what matters. It was a really good break friends. A really needed break. I'm sure my focus will get off track again, but right now I'm feeling really good with blogging and where I'm at.

Speak love. I really worked on this in February. On loving Justin intentionally with my words. And while it's difficult to measure exactly, I think I was successful. I found that being intentional about it and just being mindful of my words created a more loving spirit within me- which led to much sweeter words. 

I may be most excited about my goal to build community. Eek! I'm so excited. First of all, I worked on the community I already have around me. I hopped on a plane and visited a sweet friend. I reminded myself why working on the friendship I already have is so so important. But I also stepped out a bit. I had some girls over for a crafternoon. {which was WONDERFUL, by the way} I also asked lots of ladies about starting a book club. And was shocked at how much interest there was! I may have mentioned it to too many people, because realistically it will only work best if the group stays relatively small. So, we're starting next week. Books have been bought, meals have been planned. And we're so excited. I sit around a lot waiting for others to initiate something or ask to join something that's already happening. But after talking with all these ladies about the book club, I realized how everyone else seems to be doing the same. I'm so glad I just asked. 

I'm so happy with how my goals went last month. I'm so thankful for a really intentional month to regroup and refocus. I have the best husband, and I hope I can continue to work on loving him with my words. And it goes without saying that I am so excited for our book club to start!

Ps. Don't forget to sign up for the Spring Blog Swap! We have a great turn out so far :) 


Emily said...

let me know about the book club...i'm going to be gone next week, but may want to join in the future if there's room! i'll do a craft day anytime too! :)

Christina said...

so proud of you!! Sounds like your blogging break was great for some space - and I love hearing that you're building up such an awesome community! We've missed your smiling face :)