Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back and ready to swap!

   Hello interwebs! After taking February off from blogging & blog reading, I'm feeling so refreshed and happy to be back. And instead of feeling overwhelmed by the nearly 1000 item in my GoogleReader, I simply marked all as 'read' and am starting fresh. *sigh* Its good to be back.

  And what better way to celebrate being back to blogging and this new month {helloooo Spring!} than kicking off the 3rd annual Spring Blog Swap?

  I'm so excited about this year's swap. SO excited. Last year, I got paired with Stormy- and really, the rest is history. Love that girl. Can't WAIT to meet the little bean she's growing! But seriously, because we were matched up last year...we became really great friends. Like, emails back and forth, care packages when one of us is sad, really honest word vomit texts kind of friends. So when planning for this year, it only seemed right to team up with her. 
  So, if you're looking for a fun way to make a new friend or just bless some stranger- this is for you! If you need a pick-me-up from this long, dreary winter and getting some Spring-y goodness in your mailbox sounds good- this is for you! If you just want another package in the mail and don't really want to put much thought or effort in or make a new friend- this isn't for you. Sorry :)

  Here are all the fun detail! Sign up by Friday, March 15th. We will randomly match partners and let you know who you're matched with on Saturday, March 16th. Once you're matched, get to know you're partner! Have they seriously had the toughest winter ever and could really use a fun book, cute nail polish, and bright print to cheer them up? Are they obsessed with gardening and crafts? Are they expecting a little one in the next few months? Find out about them. Get to know them. And then put together a really wonderful package for them of spring-y goodness! Think pastel polishes, craft supplies, wildflower seeds, crisp candles, floral scarves, upbeat mixed tapes cd's, the possibilities are endless! But make it spring-y and make it personal. And keep it below $20. You may be a millionaire {said in the Slumdog Millionaire voice}, but I'm not :) Packages should be mailed by Friday, March 22nd. Once you've received your goodies, come back and link up with us! We'll all be posting about the swap and our partners on Wednesday, March 27th

Ok, so what are you waiting for? Sign up here.


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