Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Cara Box

This was my 5th month participating in the Cara Box Exchange and it may have been the most fun theme yet! 
I was matched with Carissa, who lives just a few miles from me. We didn't meet up or chat much, but I had tons of fun putting a box together for her and her hubby- some fun sparkly things to help her spice up a date night out sans kiddos. You can read about it here.

Carissa sent me some fun things, I think for a night in, since I mentioned to her that J and I are pretty low key- and she included some yummy chocolates that J ate before I could take a picture! 

I'm a little bummed to say this may be my last month doing the exchange...even though I've really loved getting to know some wonderful women! Unfortunately, over the last few months its seemed more like just a reason to get a box in the mail and not so much a way to connect with other bloggers. I mean, Ashley and Chelsea and Shawna and some others really set the bar high for me :) 

I think I've learned that I'm much more of a email back and forth, start a real friendship, send a really thoughtful card- type girl than a just-get-a-fun-package type. But I've had so much fun along the way!

Cara Box


Emily Carnes said...

Looks like you got some great goodies in your box!!

I completely understand where you're coming from, though, with the "I want to get mail" mentality. I think this month was the first month I've actually grown to get to know the women I was paired with.
Love your honesty!

Holly said...

I really like the concept of the Cara Box, but that happened to me the last two months - some of the people I was paired with made it really difficult and it just seemed like it was a way to get a package in the mail. I decided to take a break for a bit. Hopefully I'll be back soon!

lilliesandsilk said...

Hello Katie,

I was sorry to read that this may be your last month participating in the Cara Box Exchange, however, I totally understand your reasons for doing so. I like the concept of the Cara Box and want to try it again. It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks again for the lovely package:)

Enjoy your evening!


Beth said...

I've done Cara Box for two months now and I've considered backing out, too. I get so stressed trying to get it together and in the mail! And the friendships are hit and miss... but I'm sticking with it a while longer because I have met some wonderful people!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh totally! I stopped two moths ago for tht exact reason-or another thing that I didn't love was after the swap my partnered would disappear, never comment, never respond to my comments and so on. It's so aggravating!! I like meeting people and having friends, I'm glad we're partners for the swap!