Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas house.

First off, have you checked out all of the link-ups for Taking Stock of 2012?! Go do it! Its so neat to read how God has moved in different people's lives over the last year.

I realize that its not Christmas anymore, but I never got around to posting pictures of our house this year. Bear with me, because this post is more for me to have just to look back on years down the road...just like I forgot to do last year and remembered to do the year before
So, for good's a peek back at last year:

And a few from this year...

I still love this wreath from last year too much to justify making another. 

For the record, I love my kitchen. Its big and roomy with tons of counter and storage space and an adorable bay window. But I do hate the builder grade honey oak cabinets and outdated electric stove/hood. I have dreams of painting the cabinets and putting in a gas stove with mounted microwave. A girl can dream, right? 

Can you spot my favorite Christmas present of the year?!?! Swoon.

You may be thinking, " have a lot of nutcrackers." 
Guys, that's only nine of my 50. I scaled back this year. Big time.

My favorite shots of three this year were taken on instragram in the mornings while I sat on the couch doing my advent study. 

My favorite, or most special decoration this year has to be the ornament I bought. I've started making a point each year to buy one ornament. I don't want to have this over-stuffed & cluttered Christmas tree, so I stick to one a year. And keep the others that are gifted to us in the Christmas box (is that horrible?). I don't want our tree to be super themed and fancy looking either...I love the character of special ornaments. Our first year, we got Raiders ornaments. {j's favorite nfl team}. The second year, I picked up a cute ornament from Cracker Barrell that I just liked. Last year, I found a cute glass house since we'd just bought our first home.

 This year, I found an adorable and colorful fabric star to remember our sweet baby by. I bought it after Christmas and got it on clearance...and packed it away before taking a good picture.

I love our home, and I love it more and more all the time. After Christmas, I snagged some deals on end tables and used some gift cards to buy some cute pillow shams and vases and a lamp. Its starting to come together...slowly but surely!


Emily Carnes said...

Beautiful!! I never got around to posting all of my decor either, and now I've taken it all down. :( I don't even think I got a picture of Andrew's nutcracker collection--although, you may have him beat by a little. haha

Holly Osbeck said...

Absolutely love it! I love the husky in the Christmas lights sweet :)

My-cliffnotes said...

Your pup with the lights is the cutest picture ever!

Holly said...

Your house looks so festive! We have special ornaments on our tree, too. It's mostly just the yearly ornaments my brother and I have gotten every year and that's it. I love the meaning behind them all!

Brenda from said...

love it. my favorite is your one ornament a year tradition.

Megan said...

Everything is beautiful! I totally agree about having meaningful ornaments rather than fancy ones that mean nothing. It's my favorite thing about decorating the tree!

Emily said...

your house look great! it also made me realize that i never posted my christmas decor...oops, maybe next year!!!