Wednesday, October 31, 2012

guest post:: run with me.

Hey Tomorrow With a Smile Readers! I'm Ashley from Run With Me. Katie is vacationing at the beach this week so, she's basically the luckiest person on the whole earth right now. And in her absence she has asked me to blog about the glories of the beach! 

I grew up on the beach....well, like 30 minutes from one....technicalities. 
So I've been in wading pools since my diaper days. 

In my book, there are two type of vacationers...there are mountain people and there are beach people. Well technically there are those fancy international people too but we'll stick to your traditional American family vacay. 

And specifically why a beach vacation is 10,000 shades better than the wooly woods. 

#1 You have better hair days at the beach.....take for instance this  frizzy wind-blown pony I rocked at the beach this summer. Who wouldn't want this do. #Growlll

#2 You get tan at the beach. Do you know how hard the sun has to work to get through all that tree and cloud coverage....and then once it does everyone's all covered up in flannel? I mean talk about a sun buzzkill!

#3 You get to listen to the calming soothing sounds of the ocean waves....instead of sounds of animals that possible want to eat you. Sharks are way more silent than bears. Fact. 

#4 Let's talk food. Because a hungry vacationer is a grumpy vacationer. At the beach, you simply roll to the nearest shrimp shack and gorge on some deep fried seafood....In the mountains, you most likely have to catch your or de-fur it (barf) then cook it...or resort to your back up oreo stash (it's basically essential to have a back up oreo stash no matter where you vacation) 

So Katie, I'm so glad you are such a wise little vacationer! Thanks so much for letting me guest post and Please soak up some sunshine for me!! 


My-cliffnotes said...

Love her

The bear pic is so cute

Rachel said...

Love this! My husband's family is a "ski vacation family" and rarely went to the beach, while I never skied once before meeting him, but went to the beach (8 hrs away!) every summer! I'm thinking if and when we have kids we will do a little of both.

Rach said...

Oh man, this is making me miss the beach so much right now!