Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cara Box: October.

A few weeks ago, I saw a new blog swap going around. I was so excited to see that this was unlike any other blog swap I've ever seen. 
Kaitlyn had this idea to basically start a blog movement to connect, bless, and encourage women.
And it includes getting mail.

Um, sign me up. 

But really, the Cara Box Exchange is an example of doing this blogging thing right. I love connecting with other women and learning from them and developing a community. And this is an amazing way to get in on that.

I was matched with Ashley from Our USCG Life and guys, I was blown away.
And I'm not just talking about the box she sent me.

This girl is amazing. So sweet, so honest, so real. We exchanged emails and read each others' blogs and kind of just got to know each other...but not on a surface 'my favorite color is pink' level. Like on a 'these things are tough for me and life isn't perfect' level. I was SO blessed by meeting Ashley. Then I got her package in the mail, and I was simply blown away by her thoughtfulness.

Do you see all of that?!?! She HANDMADE that adorable clipboard and those coasters. And each thing had so much thought put into it. I literally cried when I saw the Weimaraner paper...how sweet! What I forgot to picture was the amazing letter she wrote me. Again..tears. I love every single thing I got.

But mostly, I'm so thankful for just getting to know Ashley. Getting stuff in the mail is a blast, but knowing someone and being known but someone is invaluable. That sounds cheesy, I know.
I've been thinking lots and lots about community lately, so this experience resonated with me. It made blogging relevant to me again.

So, all that to say...
sign up next month. Dive deep. Share your heart. Encourage one another.

I don't want to speak for Ashley, but it was definitely worth it for me! :) 

Cara Box


Anonymous said...

I almost teared up (:

THIS is exactly why I started this - so women could find each other, connect, and love on one another.

I'm so glad you loved you Cara Box!


Anonymous said...
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This is our life said...

I am so glad you enjoyed everything I sent you. I am blessed that I was partnered with you and hope we keep in touch.

elise said...

isn't the cara box idea amazing?! I loved participating this month! loving your blog as well!

stop by sometime!

My-cliffnotes said...

Fun how'd I miss this

Falen said...

How fun! Love the personal touches too, and that clipboard is super cute! This swap has been a blast! Can't wait til next month.

New follower, too. :)