Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday letters.

Dear old job, Adios! There's lots I'll miss about you...maybe we'll meet again one day? Dear new job, Wahoo! I can't wait to start you on Monday :) Dear husband, don't be mad if I end up crafting all weekend since your bff is going to be in town and you're basically abandoning me ;) Dear running, why are you so hard to get back into?! This is no beuno. I'm in serious need of a running buddy. Dear Murphy, I know you'll miss our mandatory morning cuddle time once I start my 9-5 work schedule next week. Don't worry, I'll find a way to make it up to you ;) Dear vacation, 22 days. 22 days!!!!!



Life's Tails said...

I have been trying to get back into running too! But like you need a buddy but no one seems to want to :(

Allie Brooks said...

You are so talented.. that picture is beautiful! Too bad we live 679 miles apart (yes, I just looked up how far apart Arkansas and Indiana were on google maps) or we could be real life friends and running buddies!! :( We should start a blogger running group... with link ups and everything! hmm! That doesn't necessarily keep me going though when I'm out there running haha!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend sweet friend!

Emily grapes said...

You should totally do a running group like the girl above said. Help you stay accountable!

Can't wait to hear how the new job goes!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love said...

Jealous at the thought of spending an ENTIRE WEEKEND crafting. Get in a few good projects for me, will ya? :)

Here via Friday Letters.


Simplyheather said...

Hi from Friday Letters(:

Wow you take such beautiful pictures!! Congrats on the new job. I hope you love it more then the last job! Where are you going on vacation?? (:

Happy Friday!

xo, Heather

Holly Osbeck said...

I love the photo! And even a little bit of running (and suuuper slow like me), is better than nothing :) I'm excited to hear about your new job!!

Legally Lovely said...

Hello, Katie! Saw your link from over at the Presutti's and popped over to read. Love your blog! Also saw where you met up with Julie in Indianapolis -- I did too! Isn't she sweet? Any friend of Julie's a friend of mine, so I'm your newest follower! :)