Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I had some intentions of taking pictures of our build-your-own pizza dinner last night with my sister, BIL, and sweet niece.
I got too busy cooking, catching up, and cuddling that sweet peanut to even think about picking up my camera until everyone walked out the door {even J left...for his bowling league.}
I probably should have done the dishes right away, but I decided to curl up in bed with the sweet husky {and Jersey!} with a good book and call it a night.

So, while there's no amazing blog post to brag about my night and instead there's a mountain of dishes...
I had a great night and I'm pretty sure that matters way more than a cool blog post. 

Happy hump day :) 


meme-and-he said...

kinda ironic you posted this today...I was just thinking about this last night: the idea that I want to turn everything into a blog post, and it is kinda driving me crazy. Not necessarily take pictures of everything, thankfully I have gotten past that. But that I want to share everything on my blog. I am realizing its important to keep some things personal, live in the moment, and forget about social media sometimes. Even if it is a picture perfect event. :)

Erin said...

Sometimes you just need to let dirty dishes stay in the sink and relax in your sweatpants ;) I definitely do this from time to time and never regret it!

Allie Brooks said...

So true!! Glad you had a great night!

Happy Wednesday!

Christina said...

ahhh seriously love this. I've had this happen - and sometimes it seriously makes me questions WHY I blog. But when you are able to keep this perspective, it's a healthy thing :)

henning love said...

there have been times that i fully intent to take photos of everything, of a certain event and then i either forgot or decided just to actually enjoy what was going on rather than be consumed to take photos