Monday, September 10, 2012


We had a long weekend. 
We had so much fun, but now we're definitely recovering.
Friday night we got to head to my hometown for supper with one of my HS bff's and her fiance. Tons of fun, but we stayed out way too late...
especially since we had to be up at 6am on Saturday to head out for some college tailgating.
After the 2.5 hour drive, a stop at Panera for breakfast, and Target to pick up some beverages...we finally got to Notre Dame.

The Purdue fans were seriously outnumbered, but we still had a blast. 

Since I'm not a fan of the usual tailgating drinks, we made a pit stop at Target for some wine. And you better believe I jumped on this cheapo juice-box chardonnay! It wasn't too bad!

We had so much fun and were absolutely exhausted when we got home around midnight. Only to get up the next morning and head to the BMW championship. 
Which, for someone who knows nothing about golf...I kind of loved it! It wasn't as boring as I expected. 

I did learn two lessons this weekend, though.
One, wear sunscreen. Why did I not think about this at all while I was in the sun for 12 hours on Saturday?!?! 
Two, don't touch a golf ball in motion at a PGA tour.

Happy Monday :) 


Emily grapes said...

2 very good tips! haha and that pin...all I can say is "wow" =/

Glad you had a great weekend. can't wait to hear the rest
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Kevin said...

There is no such thing as too much sports! I love Justin's face in the first picture... ha! Sounds like a fun weekend.

Interprintations said...

Yes, sunscreen is a MUST for those long days of college football tailgating! Glad you had fun!! =)