Friday, August 10, 2012


We could all use a little sunshine in our lives, right?
I've found, for me, one of the best pick-me-ups is to love on others.
Gifts, packages, notes, voicemails, and long hugs for others bring a lot of sunshine into my heart.
And those things have never more important to me as they have in the last weeks

I was finishing up a birthday package for one of my heart friends, Lauren
{Who recently moved to Denver for this amazing venture!}
And I wanted to a bit of sunshine.
So I looked through my cupboards and decided to make a cookie mix in a jar for her.
Sunshine cookies, to be exact!
Have you had those?
Ohemgee. They're so good. 

Just so we're keeping it real here, I want to point out how unperfect this little project was. 
I'm sure by now you know for certain I am anything but perfect,
but I think I need to make sure I work on telling the whole story.
Even just when it comes to a simple little cookie mix in a jar.

So, I used what I had for this. I didn't want to go scouring for a perfect jar. I also thought of putting another cookie mix in there, but I didn't want to have to go spend more money on ingredients than I needed to.
{Lauren, my cheapness doesn't reflect my love for you! :D}
So I used a jar I'd been saving. It was cute, but definitely too small.
I used chalkboard paint I had on hand to create the 'label'. 
And, as you can see, my chalk writing definitely needs some work.
I like to think it adds character. No? :)
Next, I piled in the ingredients.
And PACKED them all down. 

Only too find out...

Right. My jar was WAY too small. So I improvised. I included the M&M's in a packet tied to the jar and labeled them 'bits of sunshine'. Cute, but unplanned. And then I really just put the sugar in a baggie with that tag. Classy, I know.
I think Lauren loves me still. 

All this to say, I'm not perfect.
I'm far from a craft genius.
But I love my friends.
And I'm pretty sure they love me through my imperfectness. 
You know, just as Jesus does. 

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Amanda said...

how cute & fun :) I love things like this!! I posted your button on my blog because I want to sponsor you.. what else am I supposed to do :)

Lauren said...

What a sweet idea! I love giving gifts too, but my husband just doesn't get it. He thinks gifts are silly since it all ends up being cyclical any way (I give a gift, they give one back at a later point). I'm glad someone else understands my point of view:-)

Jenny Strickland said...

Such a cute idea! Simple gifts like this are just what it takes to put a smile on a face!!!!

I will have to remember this the next time I want to cheer someone up!

Allison said...

Aw sunshine cookies. Love that!

Christina said...

awwww this is sooo cute!! I love it! And your new blog name/look is perfect too!! :) *love* :)