Friday, August 24, 2012


Dear friday, you've got big things going on for me. Let's make some stuff happen today!
Dear weekend, I love you and the plans you have for me to cuddle with my sweet niece and nephew. 
Dear running, I'm so glad we've reunited. It feels so good to be out of my funk!
Dear clients, if you stopped smoking or just smoking around me {which leaves me smelling like an ashtray at 9am...}, I would greatly appreciate it. So would your COPD. 
Dear closet, I promise...after nearly a year, I've finally got an organization system in the works for you. Just you wait.
Dear bank account, don't worry. No Spend September is almost here...and you'll get yourself a bit of a break :)
Dear bloggers, looking for free advertising?! Snag yourself a free large ad spot and a free blog post all of your own! Just go here and use the promo code: free smiles. 

Happy friday!

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Allie Brooks said...

I'm (trying) to reunite with running as well! We can keep each other motivated! Also, I want to hear more about this no spend September. My bank account is very interested in this! haha!

Happy Friday!

Emily grapes said...

No spend September?? When do you spend normally!?

Prayed for you this got this!

Happy Friday. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes