Thursday, August 16, 2012



25 was a good year.
A bunch of really big and wonderful things happened...

I got a new sister {who I adore!}.
We bought a house.
Both of my sisters got knocked up and I got a nephew and niece {who is home from the NICU!!!} out of the deal.
I got my Master's degree.

And a lot of little great things happened...
I got a new camera and started taking more pictures, we travelled to FL for Thanksgiving, I finally cut my hair after 2.5 years, I did a lot of fun crafts, I got to watch my hubby do the Tough Mudder, my alma mater went viral, and I thought a lot about faith, desire, and love. Oh, and I made my first quilt!  

Of course, there's the stuff I didn't blog about, too.
 We made our little life here a home. We found a few more friends. We continued to search for a church that fit. We took the pups hiking to our favorite state park. We ate a lot of good food.

Still, there was the tough stuff too.
We had a miscarriage and found ourselves immersed in grief. 
We continued to search {and struggle to find!} a church family that we felt a part of. We learned how to communicate with each other a little bit better. 

25 was a good year. I say that more for my sake than for yours. Gosh, looking at that list you'd think it'd be a no-brainer. The good clearly outweighs the bad. But the bad sometimes seems SO much bigger and weightier. 
Taking stock is so important and helpful for me.
It helps me see the bigger story, to take a step back from what's right in front of me. And the bigger picture screams blessing and hope and joy. Not perfection. But definitely hope.

Even still, today I'm glad its a new year.
25 was good and full and busy with great stuff.
The hard stuff though, it was pretty hard.
I know 26 will for sure have its challenges, 
but I've learned a lot this past year and grown to rely on Jesus even more. 
I look forward to being an aunt and snuggling my sweet niece and nephew. I look forward to a vacation with sweet friends and time with family in Florida and maybe a trip to Denver. I look forward to a job that is right for me in this season. I look forward to settling more and more into our home. I look forward to investing in our new church more and more and finding community there.
Good things, for sure.


MzJessicaxo said...

Happy Birthday Lovely!
Don't let the bad weigh you down too much, you have a lot to be thankful for :)

Emily grapes said...

What a great recap of your 25th year. You really did accomplish a lot and have so many wonderful blessings that year!

I can't wait to see what God brings you through your 26th year. :)

Tatiana said...

Happy Birthday girly! I'm so glad that this year has been mostly good. But you're right. The bad does outweigh the good a lot of the times. But you've been having such a great attitude the entire time and that's what makes you great. Keep that joy in your heart Katie.

Holly Osbeck said...

Glad you had a great 25th year and happy belated birthday! I'm excited to catch up on your blog in your 26th year :)

Allie Brooks said...

Happy Birthday! You are such an inspiration... I, too, tend to get caught up in the bad. I love your outlook on the joy that definitely outweighs the bad!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, dear one! You share a birthday with my mama & Madonna :) HA! Ever since my husband & I got married we have been searching for a church home.. we still struggle to find the right one :( Just know you are not alone. OH! & by the way.. you do NOT look like you're 26.. I was thinking 22! XO

Christina said...

So many blessings this year - and some big heartache too :( I'll be praying that God will let you dwell on the amazing things He's blessed you with, and that you're able to start off this 26th year with a bang!! :)

Jess said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday & I hope 26 is your best year yet!

Jamie said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love this post because it's positive and very real - just like you! Enjoy 26!

Emily said...

happy belated birthday! hope this next year is fantastic and filled with lots od wonderful things!