Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes & Always.

sweet card from a sweet fried!

Sometimes I get really, really nervous to blog about real life sensitive things.
Always I am overwhelmed by the love and support of you guys! My inbox and phone were flooded with texts and emails of love and prayers after yesterday's post. You guys are so amazing!

Sometimes I try to grieve alone, since sometimes sharing my heart gets me hurt.
Always God reminds me the whole point of community is to shoulder each others' burdens! Satan's lies to isolate us in our grief are just that...lies!!! 

Sometimes after this really long, not so fun summer...I start counting down the days until Fall.
Always you'll find me burning fall candles and seriously planning for Christmas. And for a girl whose pretty indifferent about Christmas, this is a BIG deal! {If you come across Leaves or Kitchen Spice candles from B&BW, send 'em my way! Jkjk... but really! :D}

Sometimes, on a much lighter note, the hubs and I stop by Costco and buy a 42 count box of Fruit by the Foot.
Always that box is gone is wayyyy less than a week! Oops :)

And just so you know I'm serious about being back into blogging...
here's a sneak peek of the bridal shower brunch I'm recapping later this week! Come back and see all the deets! :)


Emily grapes said...

I love leaves. It has one of the best scents ever!!! As you know, I burned a fall candle last week and loved it!! Now I want to go out and buy a ton more! More out of the way spring scents..here comes fall!!

Did you see the buy 2 for $20 they were having??! I love that sale!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I love fall it is my favorite season ever! however as to where you plan so much into Christmas I plan into Halloween! I love every little thing about fall :) & ps that last picture is super cute. I so am going to have to read your little blog :)

Jamie said...

I look forward to those posts coming up! And don't be afraid to post about heartache. I used to be until I wrote a post about my depression and received an outpouring of love. I then realized that this world is hopeful and beautiful - with hopeful and beautiful people in it. It just takes a little opening up to find that out.

Allie said...

I read this post first and then your post from Monday. I am glad you were able to share something so personal. I still have trouble feeling like I can do that on my blog. I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award yesterday and now its my turn to award a few ladies. I chose you! If you want, check out my blog post later today :)

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog yesterday!


Megan said...

I burn the Yankee candle Christmas cookie scent ALL the time!! It just smells amazing! Haha!

Thanks for linking up with me!