Friday, May 18, 2012

Grow some.

Want to hear a true story?

Last night, while I was enjoying some celebratory kettlecorn {I got a job!}, I decided to share some with my pups.
I gave each of them a couple pieces, but Murph let Jersey bully him out of all of his.
He's such a pansy.

And then he just looked up at me with those baby blues, all "Mommmmm, she took my popcorn." 

So I just looked at him and said, {yes, I talk to my dogs. I'm crazy}
"Murphy, grow a pair!"
Because seriously, he's always letting Jersey bully him.

But then I realized the irony of it all.
And I made him cuddle with me as I apologized for pointing out the fact that he doesn't have any balls anymore because he was fixed when he got picked up by the shelter {before we adopted him.}

So really, its not his fault he's a pansy. 

This is totally a true story.
That I recounted for the hubs when he got home from the Pacers' game.
How ridiculous am I?!?

Happy Friday! :)


Stormy said...

Oh Katie, I love you. Lol

Ashley said...

lol too funny!

But if it makes you feel better, I talk to my dogs too! I swear they listen... and I can just imagine what they would say back! I will hop on the crazy train now! lol

meme-and-he said...

hold up. you got a job already?! Hot comodity!! I don't even think I spelled that right. (Obviously don't have MY masters ;)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

bahaha, this is great!

Jamie said...

When I got to the word "kettlecorn" I paused and drooled a bit. After that I laughed. It's for the best that he's "fixed" though! I promise!

lucia m said...

so cute!!!