Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its the little things:: take 5.

One of my New Year's goals was to regularly keep stock of thankfuls. And what better way to do that than recapping the little things that I've been blessed by lately...

::Feeling 100%. Having the flu and then hosting 5 people at our house for 5 days really wore me out. But for the last couple days, I've felt back to 100%!!!

::Dinner with the hubs. Last semester, we weren't able to eat supper together often. But no more night classes for me or regular late nights at work for him!!!

::Sunshine. It's unseasonably sunny and warm in Indiana. And this girl is not complaining!

::A thank you. We referred our home inspector to a couple people, and they sent us a Thank You & Starbucks gift card this week. So sweet!! {If you're in the the Indy area and need a fantastic home inspector...let me know!!}

::Good friends. We spent some time with good friends from college last night, and it was more encouraging than we expected. And we resolved to see them way more. Annnnnnd we're going to try out their church next week!!!

::And one last small BIG thing I'm thankful for today.

Happy 25th hubs!!!

Aisle to Aloha


Michelle (michabella) said...

Love your little things, esp the sunshine, starbucks, and good friends :) Have a lovely weekend!

Emily grapes said...

Aw, those were great Katie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the church you attend this Sunday is the fit you both are looking for and need.

Jamie said...

Uggh. I wish we had some sunshine in Maryland! Have a great weekend!

Lindsay @ Hello Hue said...

Starbucks and sunshine and feeling good-- always good things to be thankful for! Aaaand now I'm craving a cinnamon dolce latte, thanks. ;)

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