Monday, December 12, 2011

Tough Mudder 2011

I'm back! I'm back!
It feels so good to be back :)

How about a recap of the past few months?
And a picture overload?
{but seriously, if you know how to put 2 images together...let me in on the secret!}

Let's start with this.

Have you heard of the Tough Mudder?
Its kind of like the Warrior Dash, but not really.
In fact, 1/4 of the way through the course there is a sign that says "Congrats, you've just completed a Warrior Dash. And the Tough Mudder is just beginning..."

Think LOTS of barbed wire, live wires, swimming & walking through miles of ice cold water (literally, they put ice in the water), running through fire...

Anyways, you better believe I didn't do this crazy thing. 
Um, no.
But the hubs did, along with some college friends, our BIL and his friend.
So my mom, sister, and sister's MIL trekked along for the ride.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to go the 5 or so miles out to see the crazy obstacles, so my pictures are just of the lame ones!


I caught him at a water station an hour into the 2.5 hour race

That splash would be Justin...

Crawling in ice water under barbed & live wires
I love the faces of Justin {on the far right} and Zach {middle}

Running through the high voltage wires at the Finish line...

...clearly painful.

His ninja swords came in handy!

He said he was so numb at this point, he didn't even feel the shocks!

Feelin' good!

So proud!!!

He's allllll mine! :)


Emily grapes said...

Oh my gosh! WELCOME BACK!!!! I've missed you. :)

..and who the heck would do that!? And who the heck would think that up?
And who the heck would think others would do that?

I'm thinking the answer to all those questions is: a man...a man a man a man! haha

Emily at Amazing Grapes

kylee said...

welcome back to blogland! two pictures together? use! you can make collages for free!