Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thanksgiving in Florida.

Since our families live in different parts of the country, J & I split our holidays every year. This year, we headed to south Florida for Thanksgiving with J's family.

We always drive the 17 hours, since airfare is RIDONCULOUS.
And since I'm obsessed with my pups, I would die if I couldn't bring one along.
Unfortunately, because of space, we could only bring one. 
We had to leave this cutie behind {with some AMAZING friends who watched her while we were gone!!}

{please, try not to be jealous of our super sexy furniture and our dog's whorish pose. We know how awesome both are. ;)}

And because I love lists these's a list of the trip highlights :)

-Murph. He loves the car and long rides!

-Thanksgiving dinner. Eating is a passion in the Rush family {SO different than my fam} and I love how much they love Thanksgiving!

-Murph. {he's so special, he gets 2 spots on the list} He was such a SPOILED pup. He got steak, chicken, turkey, nuts, bread, EVERYTHING. Let's just say Grandma had to literally be cut off from giving him food. He's one pampered pup.

-S'mores. Remember how much I love & crave them?! J's parents got a new firepit and we broke it in.

-Family. Its always so nice to be with J's family. Since we live all over {NJ, IN, FL} we only get to see them once or twice a year}

-Mary. J's older brother got married this past summer and there's FINALLY another girl in the family! I love J's fam, but being the only girl has its definite downsides. I'm so so SO thankful for Mary and so excited for more family get togethers! :)

-Making it home. the usually 16-17 hour drive quickly turned into 20+ when we made the STUPID mistake of driving home the Sunday after Tgiving. Bad, bad, bad idea. We were in STAND STILL traffic in Tennessee for HOURS. Clearly, everyone decided to travel that day. Getting home felt so good!

-Coming home to a happy, excited pup. I missed my little Jersey!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take many pictures on the trip. But here are a few! 
{and they're bigger, just for you Em!!}

 About 15 minutes into our trip, we hit standstill traffic outside of Indy...not a good start. 


What a cutie!!!


Sisters-in-law. {I know its not the best pic, Mary, but its the only one we have from the week! :)}


Sam W. said...

love all the pics!! looks like an awesome trip. your dogs are too funny.

Denise said...

you have the cutest dogs. they have rather human-like poses, hahaha :) xx

meme-and-he said...

awesome pics!! and that whorish pose...SO CUTE. can't stand it.

Emily grapes said...

THEY'RE BIGGER!!!!! You're awesome.
I LOVE the whorish picture of your pup. Hilarious!

Those pictures of Murph in the car are so great. Love all the poses. haha I can't believe you drove 17+ hours...insane!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

A Vintage Vine said...

Your dogs are darling! Looks like so much fun and the smores outdoors would be favorite part! Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

Love the pictures...but LOVE that first picture of your dog too!! Hehe SO cute!!

Hey if you love s'mores so HAVE to make this recipe!! We LOVE it!!

Jamie said...

After reading your entire post and looking at all the photos I'm still laughing at the phrase "our dog's whorish pose"!!!!

Looks like fun girlie!

Gaby said...

oh my that first photo made my day, as did its caption :) sounds like a fab thanksgiving!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Ahhh I love your dogs!!! You can tell from pictures that they have people-like personalities! So cute!!