Friday, September 30, 2011

It's the little things: take 3

Somehow, I forgot to take stock of the little things that were blessing me last week. 
{probably had something to do with my feeling overwhelmed lately}
But this week, 
I've been keeping a running tally in my head, of the little and big things.


To start off with, 
the big things have been pretty big blessings.
In the last couple weeks I found out the I am receiving a paid assistantship this semester and a paid fellowship next semester.
Both are huge blessings, both career-wise and financially.
And pretty unheard of in the social work academic world.
So needless to say, they are really really big blessings.
The second big blessing has to do with this little

After a couple counters
{and J having to give up his request for their sweet TV to stay}
Of course we still have the little things like inspection and appraisal and closing on Oct. 31st...
but it looks like we'll be homeowners very soon!


While those big blessings have been so encouraging this week,
I've also so many little ways Jesus has been blessing me.
Two really stick out.

-I've been praying for some more chances to invest in friendships in the Indy area,
{have we talked about this? I have a few amazing heart friends, but they all live elsewhere :( }
and had been feeling pretty discouraged at the beginning of the week. I even journaled about it. 
Then Tuesday afternoon, between my supervision shift and night class I was wasting time at good ol' Starbucks and ran into one of my good friends from last semester {whom I have NO classes with and complete opposite schedules of}.
We realized that we actually both have that awkward time before night class on Tuesday and decided to make it a weekly date!
I know it seems really little, but I was so blessed by this. My heart had been so heavy about the very matter, and Jesus just said...'here you go! here's a friend!!'

-The second is on a much less serious note. A couple weeks ago, J bought me my fav Yankee Candle {Farmer's Market}.
I just LOVE it.
And I've been burning it all week while at home studying on the couch, snuggled under a blanket.
And my heart has been happy, despite my overwhelmed attitude. :)

So today, here's to the little & big ways God loves us!
Happy weekend!!

Aisle to Aloha


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some great blessings all in one week! God is good. Congrats on the new home- I know that process alone can be so overwhelming. I can completely relate to the friends issue- or lack there of- it's hard to find people with similar beliefs who are also at a similar point in their lives. Keep your head up- things will get better! :)

Ashley said...

Congrats!!! That is awesome news!!! Soo excited for you!! Be sure to take before pics and journal this new adventure!!

Amanda M. said...

Best of luck on the new house!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news about the house! Congratulations! I completely understand the friends thing. Making friends as an adult is super hard to beign with and schedules changing all the time never helps. So glad you were able to re-connect!

Emily grapes said...

Congratulations!! What a great feeling getting the home, isn't it?? And just tell J he'll be able to get a bigger and better tv. Remind him about Jan. when they go super cheap because of the Superbowl. ;)

So glad you have a friend to hangout with. I completely understand what you mean and so glad He brought you two together each week. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

ashley @ the 29th floor said...

Congratulations!!! Now here comes moving in and decorating!! Hope you post pictures when you get everything put together :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the opportunities! Sounds like God is giving you some great blessings! I am a huge fan of Yankee Candles, and they really do offer a special kind of comfort!

Happy Friday!

JB @

Lori said...

wow, these are some HUGE news! a paid internship/fellowship is huge! and congratulations on the house :) it is absolutely gorgeous

please stop on by..

Lauren Drugan said...

Congratulations on the work and the house! Good for you! Little things like friends and candles make everything that much better, right? :)

meme-and-he said...

a house?!! how exciting!! keep us updated!