Thursday, September 29, 2011


Life has been a bit on the crazy side lately.
And while I love craziness and busyness,
I'm just not getting a handle on this semester.
I'm not really feeling school,
the excitement of it has worn off and I'm frankly just ready to graduate.
Most of my classes are redundant.
I have SO MUCH work to do.
all the time.
And I feel like I'm wearing a gagillion hats.
And doing a poor job balancing it all.
Ever feel that way?

I've been super blessed with a {paid} assistantship this semester. Its a great opportunity teaching an undergrad class and doing some mental health case management supervision {um, that's a mouthful}. So basically, I get to learn a lot and gain some sweet resume-builders while getting paid.
And then I'm the super-fulltime student, with five classes since I'm doing my placement in the spring.
And then I'm still a wife, so I like to keep the house clean, groceries bought, and dinner cooked for the hubs.
And then there are my two wild dogs. Scratch that. Murph's low maintenance. Jersey is high energy and needy. Which I love...but its time consuming.
And then I feel like I should still be waitressing to earn some extra money, since we have some very grown-up things on our horizon.
{see this morning's post!!}
And then there's the fellowship I found out I received for the spring {did I forget to mention that?}. Its amazing and I'm so thankful for it. But I have a couple papers and a lot of coordinating to do before it officially starts in January.

All that bloggirrhea up there {after typing it, I realized it was was just word vomit and you probably don't care to read it!} just to say, 
I'm doing a terrible job balancing. 
I feel like there is ALWAYS stuff to be done for school and when I'm trying to be social/do real people things I just end up feeling guilty for not focusing on school.
And vice versa.
A pretty vicious cycle.
So, to say I'm literally praying for it to just be December already would not be exaggerating. But in the meantime, I don't want to just be trying to keep my head above water.
Anyone get in these ruts?
Any tips besides prayer prayer prayer?  


Emily grapes said...

I can't imagine how you're juggling it all. But just keep reminding yourself that you are and you're doing great at it (even though it doesn't feel like it).

December will come soon enough and you'll be able to take a break..or graduate?? (which one? Seriously, when are you done with school??!)

And just think...can you imagine doing ALL OF THAT, plus moving into your new house (cause we know you'll get it) and HAVE KIDS!?!? So be thankful you don't have a mini Katie at your feet. ;)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

whitney said...

good luck with everything! life can be overwhelming at times and the only thing that gets me through is to just do one thing at a time. don't think ahead and don't plan days in advance [unless you have too--ie purchase a HOUSE] but keep the tasks small and before you know'll be handling everything perfectly!


Christina said...

totally can't help you because I'm feeling the saaaaame way :( I just had a melt-down last week about it...but I'm trying to turn it over to prayer too!!!

Ashley said...

i heard on our christian radio station today that when you know there's going to be stressful weeks to balance it out ahead of time or after and set time aside for yourself to just spend time at the beach or park or with your husband...sometimes a break is what you need to get motivated - even when it seems like you dont have time for one. good luck with everything!

Lauren Drugan said...

I feel this way so frequently, new blog friend. Sending you hugs for now, and I'll share my "fix" as soon as I figure it out! :)

kylee said...

this may be awful advice but i say just take a day off. i have loads going on this semester too. had school today, which included my first test, and came home with the plan to study/read/take online tests/write a paper/plan a bridal shower but instead i took a ten minute nap and super long drive up the canyon with my mom. then i spend the rest of my evening being legit lazy. and you know what? instead of feeling guilty about not getting any school work done i just feel glad that i took a little time to do what i really wanted to. i'm sure i'll hate my decision tomorrow though. sooo much catching up to do.