Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While I'm sure not many {besides us Hoosiers, of course} keep up with Indiana news,
I hope most of the country has heard about this by now.

On Saturday, there was a tragedy at the Indiana State Fair.
5 lives lost.
Many, many more injured.

Yet in the midst of the tragedy, 
Hoosiers displayed some heroic character.
Everyone helping everyone else.
As Governor Daniels said,
people ran towards the tragedy {to help}
rather than away {to escape}.

I'm pretty proud to be from this small, boring state.
And my heart goes out to everyone effected by this tragedy.
If you think of it, pray for them!


laureneshepherd said...

it's just so sad. i still can't believe it happened!

Unknown said...

such a tragedy. but i agree, i've never been more proud to be a hoosier.

Emily grapes said...

It is pretty horrific to watch but neat knowing so many ran to help. I listened to a teen on the radio talk about how he and his brother ran and helped pull people out.

Nice to know people are out there to lend a hand.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

stacey said...

i actually got to be in the rooms with a few of the patients (ones that were taken to methodist) because i did my shadowing the night after it all happened. pretty sad stuff. i actually accepted a job on that unit and although it's scary, i feel privileged that i'll get to be a part of their healing process. proud to be a hoosier...and proud to be a nurse :)