Monday, August 15, 2011


For the next year, I want to intentionally take time to give thanks.
Its not that I don't do this already, but I want to dedicate a year to finding at least one thousand things to be thankful for.
You could say its inspired by this book {which I didn't really enjoy, but thats another story for another day} among other things.
And today seemed like the appropriate day to start counting...
and 25 seemed like the right number to start with. And it just seemed natural to go in chronological order, broken up in 5 groups of 5 years...

1-5. my mom {One of the strongest, hardest working, most humble and gracious people I know. She raised me really well {with some help from my dad :D} and I wouldn't be half the person I am without her}. growing up in the country. Sugar {Not the baking ingredient, but my childhood dog}. Linden Public LibraryKindergarten round up {where I met my best friend!}. Missionettes {I'm pretty sure this was where I first learned that Jesus loved me}.

6-10 Lindy Freeze {where I fell in love with Sherbert of all flavors}. Summer swim team. Big sisters. 4-H {we had a love hate relationship for 10 years, but now I realize the invaluable lessons I learned!}. Family vacation to Florida & Disney World.

11-15. School {my nerdiness started real young}. Sports. Having a job. Bible Quiz {where I learned why I need to hide His Word in my heart}. Reading.  

16-20. Major life lessons. Serving {nursing home, women's shelter, missions trips, CampusLife, Camp Sonshine}. Traveling {Mexico,UK, Greece, Italy, Jamaica}. Finding more of Jesus. Getting baptized {at the very place Paul baptized Lydia}  

21-25. Studying abroad {France changed my life}. Learning to love wine {SO much}. Taylor University {for a million reasons}. Falling in love with Justin {which was quite the beautiful process}. Living close to family.

"I will give thanks to you, Lord, will all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."
psalm 9:1


laureneshepherd said...

i think you are just so great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend! i'll call you after work... :)

Jamie said...

I love this.
I hope you have such a happy birthday. You truly deserve it!

Emily grapes said...

This is so great. Loved every bit of it!

I'm guessing since they said it above..that's its your birthday today???

Since I'm a follower...Happy Birthday!!!!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Emily Stephens said...

Happy Birthday! I wanted to send you some birthday wishes to a fellow Love & Envelopes girl!

Hope that your day is full of love, laughter and cake!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

meme-and-he said...

happy happy birthday!!! I loved this post...I always need a reminder to be thankful.

Sam W. said...

i love, love, love, love, love this idea! have a happy day :)

Sam @ fitness food & faith

Interprintations said...
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Interprintations said...

I loved reading this. I hope you had a wonderful 25th birthday! Love you TONS!

Anonymous said...

When I was at Barnes & Noble last, I picked up 1000 Gifts and read the first 15 or so pages and didn't get pulled in. I'm waiting to hear your thoughts on it. I've heard/read great reviews of it, but it didn't draw me in, so I'm on the fence about reading it.