Friday, July 8, 2011


For the last month or so, I've been in that eversopopular blogging rut.
The usual notknowingmyblog'spurpose-comparingtoothers-feelingsilly-wonderingifitseveninterestingtoread-stuff.


Perhaps my hodgepodge, kinda sporadic posting is ok?
I don't have a cute baby {hint hint, hubs!}, kick arse job, sweet style, or my own etsy shop. 
But that's not why I started blogging, is it?

Either way, its Friday! And I've got some sweet organizing plans for the day {I am wild and crazy!} and some relaxing with the hubs on the schedule for the weekend. Aaaaand I'm finally back to a place in my running where I feel good again! Some good things to celebrate :)

And just because I love him and I'm glad we're being healthy together...

a picture of us before the FreedomRun this past weekend. Terrible picture of both of us...we look like goons! And yes, I run in a 5 year old, 2 sizes too large t-shirt. Its comfortable! And I alllllways look nartsy when I run. Its what I'm good at :)
BUT we ran the whole thing {4.5 miles} together and had so much fun! :)

I know I'm not the only one who's had a blogging rut! How'd you get over the hump?!


Momma StJ said...

lady, I hit that rut every few weeks. I'm like, what can I possibley say that actually matters? That someone would even to care to read?

Write about what you know. What you are passionate about. People are following you because they enjoying reading WHATEVER you write...don't worry if your blog doesn't have a particular theme, that can be boring!

Jamie said...

Yes this sounds like me a lot of the time. You write about what is on your mind. That's what blogs are for. I really don't like those blogs that are all! about! product reviews! giveaways! sponsor me! Blah blah blah. I read blogs with love in them.

I read blogs that are used primarily to discuss peoples' lives. That's why I read yours. Your personality jumps off the page girl. Just keep up the love, opinions, questions, answers, etc. People will read what your self-worth expresses.

Kristen McG said...

Yay for running again!! Can you send some of that motivation my way?? Really- it's not the motivation I lack... it's the energy! ha! :)
Anyway- I like your postings about life. Those are my favorite kind of blogs to read. And also- I wanted to let you know that I can drive again and I would LOVE to come your way soon!!
Lastly, I'm in a giant rut myself. If you find the 'get out now' quick fix, let me know. :)

PS- the word verification for this comment is BEERGAG. funny.

Tatiana said...

We all get in that 'i have no idea what to write about ' phase, but it's ok. Just write about what's important to you, and that's good enough :-)

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love your blog and I think you do a great job. I love just reading about whatever is important to you at the moment. Blogger's block is so frustrating. I always wonder if the "big" bloggers go through too.


Sam W. said...

way to go on the run!!! you kids are super cute :)

Megan said...

I was in that rut not too long ago...I'm still not quite all the way out of it. It's hard not to compare our blogs to others and think that ours isn't as good, but your blog is for YOU! So write about what makes you happy and what you want to write about. That's what people will keep coming back for...a blog that is true to who they are!

Ashley said...

awww i love your "goony" running pic! you look so happy! :)