Thursday, July 7, 2011

back in the swing.

oh heyyyyy.
long time, no blog.
I know, I know.
I've been a major slacker.

This impromptu blogging break was brought to you by friends, family, 4th of july, fireworks, fun, food, and making some moooolah. 
I've been enjoying life sans computer :D

But now that its back to real life again {aka, everyone else goes back to their 9-5's while I work my weird waitress sched.},

But I'm in a slight hurry today
{to get my work clothes washed. Why do I always forget to do this til the morning I have to work?!}
so I'm going to leave you with 3 shameless plugs.

The first is for a college friend. Ashley is the Seriously. She is hilarious! And she's auditioning for The Voice. You may have heard of it? But she needs your help. The more people that 'like' her on fbook, the better chance she has at getting on the show! So whatdoyasay? Help a sister out?
Here's her page!

The last two shameless plugs are for my pretty awesome sisters. Both have their own businesses and are amazing at what they do. Cari has her own stationary business and Lori is an event planner. Indy has a yearly A-List contest to rate local business and the winners get some pretty amazing bragging rights. Sooooo...
I'm asking you to vote for them! Pleeeeease? :)
Here are the links!


Momma StJ said...

OMG Loove Cari's Stationary!!

Will like Ashley :)

annd will vote for both your sisters too!

Glad you are back!!

Ashley said...

thanks katie girl!!!! you are too sweet :)

Emily said...

Awe, look at your shameless plugs!

I'll get on it today, cross my heart! =)

Make that moola!

Sam W. said...

good to have you back!!! i'm excited for some more links to check out at work...oops :)

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I liked/voted for them! :)

I loooove the Voice so that is so cool you know someone who may be on there!

Interprintations said...

Just now catching up on my blog reads.....thanks SO much for the promo plug. =)

Love you, sister!!!

{I'll be sure to "like" Ashley on FB - best of luck to her!}