Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I confess...that I wasn't a bit upset when the hubster decided to sleep in this morning and not run. Its hella hot outside, people!

I confess...that it took me an entire hour to go through my blog feed this morning. I get SO behind on the weekends! #blogfail

I confess...that I'm holing myself inside today to FINALLY get our office cleaned out and organized. I'm on punishment until it gets finished!!

I confess...that I haven't been to the gym in two weeks. {Feel your pain, Megan!} BUT I've just been running outside instead :)

I confess...I miss school. Nerd, much? Yes. I can't wait for classes to start back in August. I need some academia in my life! {judge me :D}

And just for fun...

I confess...that I kind of love it when J 'embarrasses' me. I'm pretty much in love with his craziness :)

Click on the picture to make it bigger...
{see me in the left corner of the picture? I'm probably saying something like "Tim, will you look at how ridiculous he is?!" And Tim's probably saying, "Yeah, I know. You married him!"  J's the dancer in the white shirt!} 


happy tuesday, friends!

ps. have I told you lately I'm thankful for you? I am! Thanks for cheering me up after last week!


Sam W. said...

i love this post!! and that picture is awesome.

Emily said...

bahahaha. That's priceless. I love your expression in that picture!

Get that office done!!! But take time to text me...I kinda got used to you every day. ;)

kylee said...

trying to catch up on blogs is sometimes so stressful. the worst is coming home from vacation. my need to read every single one only makes matters worse. i love that dancing picture. the action shots like that from weddings always make me laugh so hard.

Gaby said...

I like these confessions :) Sometimes i miss school too (lame). x

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I just puked. I was all excited because you were slacking on the gym with me, but you've still been working out. DOUBLE PUKE! Haha.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Do you want to come clean out my office? I can't seem to get motivated (and you sound motivated enough for the both of us).


P.S. I love that picture. It made me giggle.

Tatiana said...

That picture is TOO funny!
And sometimes i really miss school too!