Monday, July 11, 2011


We had such a good weekend! I worked a bit, we were able to hang out with a lot of friends we don't see too often, go putt putting, and even eat CHEESECAKE! Top it off with some time at the pool and cuddling with the hubster, and we had ourselves a pretty wonderful three days! 
Mix in another steamy day today and time at the pool with a book on my schedule today, and you have yourself a girl who is thinking in bullets rather than an entire post :)

-my favorite thing about our new healthier lifestyle is CHEAT DAY. We give ourselves one day a week (or really just one meal) to eat something not quite as healthy. Pass the cheesecake, please!

-having the hubs join me for my morning run is my new favorite thing!

-I started organizing our second bedroom/office like a month ago. I need to finish it. Like yesterday.

-I'm still jonesing for a vacay! Pray for the stars {and J's work schedule + finances} to align so we can head to Fl. to visit the in-laws!

-Entourage is our new fav show. We're suckers for seasons of any show! Being able to watch consecutive episodes is, wait for it...AWESOME! {getting rid of cable was a great decision!!}

happy monday! :)


Sam W. said...

we're almost done with HIMYM, perhaps entourage should be next? my bro told me to do community next.

so glad you had a fab weekend and i'm loving the healthy kick!! go, girl, go!

Emily said...

I love HIMYM and love you did a Barney reference!

Never saw that show, maybe I'll netflix it. I should seriously get rid of cable too for all the watching I do.. Such a waste of my money right now!!

Katherine Oliver said...

We don't have cable either - just Netflix and a Wii. I love watching The Office (over and over), and my husband and I are rewatching LOST. I hate commercials. I love Netflix. It works.