Wednesday, June 22, 2011

run, Forrest, run! *edit*

So you know this whole 'get in shape' thing? 
Well, I hate to brag, but I think the hubs and I are dominating.
Him especially.
He's lost 20+ lbs and works out 
I'm so proud of how healthy he's eating and how excited he gets to workout. 
It's quite sex-ay.

In keeping with this new theme in our life, we decided to run in the local FreedomFest Freedom Run on July 2nd. 
We're talking 4.5 miles people.
Which, two years ago, would have been nothing to me. 
Hello avid runner :)
But now, I've been slowly getting back into it
and the distance seems a bit daunting,
I'm super excited to run it with the hubs!
So for the next week or so, 
you can find me every morning hitting the trail bright and early with my favorite running companion...

{I had a super cute video to upload, but blogger won't let me. IT LET ME! How cute is Murphy?!}


Tatiana said...

Yay for getting in shape and running.
The hubs and I (well mostly I) decided that between the two of us we need to lose 40 lbs this summer. Me 10 and him 30. So far we're still at 0. Major bums!

Emily said...

Look at you 2 go! That's fantastic he's dropped 20lbs already!

Excited for your run coming up. :)

Anonymous said...

Your Murphy is a good boy. :)