Wednesday, June 22, 2011


clearly I'm into 2 posts/day these days.
And clearly I'm ok with that :)
I guess I just get so excited about things,
I have to share them with someone.
{and J has a habit of not answering his cell phone during the day. Something about having to do work while at work. weird}

I finished my summer class!
This class drug onandonandonandon.
And the beast of a paper I've been slowly drawing out and procrastinating on was killing me.
But you better believe I just submitted that baby and said a sweet, sweet goodbye to grad school until late August, baby!
And I'm just a {wee} bit excited about it!
Now its just me, the summer sun, waitressing, and hot weather for the next 2 months :)

And I can think of two other furbabies who are pretty excited about this summer class thing coming to an end...

{what a baby. See his video debut on the post below!}

{rough life. And yes, she still has a head. Its just in its usual position, hanging off the couch.}


Momma StJ said...

yay!! good for you lady!! Enjoy your time before the next class starts :)

Emily said...

haha, you're hilarious! Yippy for being done done done with your paper. Go relax and enjoy that summer of yours!!