Friday, June 3, 2011


ok, I will eventually get around to catching up on blogs and commenting and such.
Life has been so hectic {in the best way} lately :D

but today, let's talk about dance.
While I'm not much of a dancer myself, {I fell into the 'cheerleader' category most of high school}
I still love it.
And nothing brings out my love for dance like the MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER TO BE CREATED
So You Think You Can Dance
{to be referred to from here on out at SYTYCD}

Um, I love it. Through college, I always only got to watch the audtions {Sex was my fav. Anyone remember him? Or his mom?} because I worked at a camp that started when the competition began and long days+late nights=no tv for months. Ever since then, I have BEEN OBSESSED with watching the entire season. Not missing any episodes. Its the one and only show I'm like that with. And J has been so great to faithfully watch it with me :D

So naturally, I was completely JAZZED when the new season began last week. Until J got home late from work and wanted to grab Panera for supper. So we missed it. I was sure I'd just catch it on Hulu or It wasn't up!
So imagine how excited I was when I checked this morning to see if this week's episode was up on
and it is!
{I missed this week's and well, every week from here until July b/c I have night class on Weds.}

so, here's to a great Friday, a lovely weekend, and FINALLY getting me some SYTYCD in! 
I'm excited.
Can you tell?



meme-and-he said...

ummm this is the best post ever!! I LOVE sytycd!! I get together with girls every week to watch it!! gahh!

Sam W. said...

i'm totally obsessed with sytycd!! best show on tv ever.

Bec@littlelucylu said...


Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I haven't ever seen it but I think I may need to watch this season! My old next-door neighbor is on it this season!! Her name is Melanie Moore, and she is unbelievable! I know she made it through the first round already!

kylee said...

love that show. who could forget sex & his ever supportive mom.

Emily said...

You're so stinkin' cute. I haven't watched that show for a few seasons..your excitement for it is making me want to pick it back up.

Darn your busy schedule. Doesn't it know it's summer and you aren't supposed to be all over the place busy?!