Tuesday, May 3, 2011


J & are are seriously trying to be healthier.
{more on that later}
Part of this is including more produce into our diets.
We went grocery shopping on Sunday and picked up all sorts of colorful deliciousness.
{insert awesome pineapple pictured above}
We both love pineapple
{how did I go so many years without ever trying it?!}
But neither of us really know how to cut it up, so we never ever buy it. Lame-o.
But since we're super committed to getting healthier, we thoought, 'what the heck.'
{or really, J thought...'I'll just let her cut it up!'}

I don't know why, but slicing up a pineapple has always intimidated me. Anyone else? No? I'm alone in this? 
Humor me :)

First, you cut of the 'crown' 
{aka the cute green leafy top}

Then slice in half...

...and quarters.

Then cut the 'meat' away from the rind and slice into bite size pieces.


{pieces. and cute dog}

My life is complete now that I've gained some pineapple confidence! It was a perfect addition to my first smoothie of the season!

{I know it looks nasty, but don't hate. Spinach and all sorts of other fruits make it ah.maz.ing. 

anyone else have any weird kitchen fears they've conquered?


Courtney B said...

Yes!! Thank you for this! We have a pinapple sitting in the fridge...just sitting because I didn't know where to begin! That baby is being cut open TODAY!

Sam W. said...

mmm, i love pineapple!! yay for yummy smoothies :)

i used to be scared of butternut squash, but now i love it!

Emily said...

YAY for conquering the pineapple! You should get the pineapple corer. It's pretty awesome...AND it slices it for you in the process.

I definitely have kitchen fears. Squash...gosh I have a ton and that's the only one coming to mind. Just know, you aren't alone. ;)

Jamie said...

Gorgeous pineapple! I wish I wasn't allergic or I'd eat it every single day. No. Joke.

My kitchen fear is always raw meat. I simply can't get over it. And skin. Yucky gross skin.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Emily. Get a pineapple corer. It'll cut the pineapple into a lovely spiral, leaving you with a juice reserve, and the rind if you want to fill it with fruit to use as a centerpiece. I think we got ours at BBandB. We have some delicious pineapple in the refrigerator too. YUM!