Monday, February 14, 2011


In honor of St. Valentine's day, some of the loves of my life...

{ok, I don't have a picture of Jesus. But naturally, he's the biggest love of my life!}

J. my amazingly wonderful husband. Love him!

Murphy. Of course I love that face! Who wouldn't?!

and the newest love of my life. Delsym. Have you tried it? I've had a head cold/sinus infection/brochitis thing going on for a couple of weeks and let me tell you, Delsym is my lifesaver. Since I bought it, I've been able to sleep through the night! That's quite the accomplishment for this congested, coughing fit-prone girl! So here's to you Delsym, I love you!!

What are you loving today?

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Unknown said...

Katie I love reading your blog. I miss you a lot and hope we can get together sometime!