Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend sewing.

I spent the weekend eating out with some new friends, watching football, homeworking, playing with my pup, and sewing. Have I mentioned that I really love sewing? New(ish) favorite hobby for sure.
I had started my bff's Christmas present forever ago, but needed to really sit down and finish it. I got this book before Christmas with a B&N giftcard I've had for a couple years. Its packed with tons of cute projects!

This Cup Half Full Apron is super cute and I love the little paragraph in the book about it..."Ah, optimism!"

So, this

+ this

= this!

(yes, I know the pictures are terrible. All I had handy was my phone :) and yes, that is a toilet I'm standing on. Judge me. and, for some reason the apron looks super short in the pictures, but it really turned out just like the book's!)

Hope she likes her (extremely) belated Christmas present!


Interprintations said...

The apron turned out GREAT!!

Herrington Photography said...

So cute. I'm also doing lots of sewing right now. And crocheting. I love to be creative.

Your new blog layout is great. I like!

Sam W. said...

love it!! great job :)

Anonymous said...

Katie. I have to tell you that you are my crafting inspiration. I got Doug to buy me One Yard Wonders that you had mentioned on here awhile ago. AND. After reading your post about Craft for Hope and poking around on that website, I bought it from Amazon. It should arrive today. AND I'm so.excited. So thank you for sharing!

Katie said...

@Grace- Yay! I love to spread crafting joy! And those books are awesome! Have you tried anything from One Yard Wonders?

Ashley said...

that's awesome! i so admire people who can sew!