Saturday, January 1, 2011

faith things: new year's resolutions.

Its that time of year again. where gyms memberships increase, diets begin, and smoker's everywhere vow to quit. Ah yes, new year's resolutions. 
I don't think I've ever actually made a resolution, but I always have thoughts or ideas of what I want to change/improve/achieve in the coming year. I'm probably not alone in saying that those thoughts/goals/ideas are pretty fleeting and most definitely do not last throughout the year. 
I was listening to kLove radio online the other (thankyouverymuch Pandora, for setting such a low listening limit. That I seem to reach every.single.month.) and hear about this neat alternative to new year's resolutions. 
Instead of making a specific goal or focusing on some deficit or negative thing and try to make it positive, you simply pick a word.
By choosing a word (like endurance, patience, prayer, discipline, hope) and making it your focus for the next year, you narrow down to a specific that can be applied across all aspects of your life.

Interesting. So, that's what I'm doing. I still haven't chosen a word, as I'm taking my time and trying to be purposeful in doing so. If you had to choose, what would your word for the year be?


Anonymous said...

such a great idea. made me think a lot.

Interprintations said...
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Interprintations said...

I would have to say patience. One of the hardest things for me to conquer.

I would definitely apply it in every aspect of my life - at home, driving in my car, waiting in line at a store, talking on the phone....maybe I do need to try this word as my "resolution." =)

laureneshepherd said...

i miss you, katie.
you still inspire me and we don't even live together any more.

Ashley said...

so cool! love this idea...can't wait to hear what your word will be!

Sam W. said...

wonderful idea! love your cute blog :)