Thursday, December 30, 2010

changes and busyness.

Christmas with J's family in Florida was wonderful and pretty darn relaxing (one book read. check.) and we're back into the full swing of things. and back to a mess-ay house. messy. 
also, I realized I either a.) need to use the camera I have more often or b.) get a new one. I have a serious deficit of life pictures these days.

lots of work, small group supper-ing, and houseguest welcome-ing today. but a blog makeover is in the works. 

until then, rest easy knowing that I finally got my library card yesterday. if that's all I accomplish over this break, I'm a happy lady. mmmmm....i love reading.

happy almost new year's! :)

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Ashley said...

glad you had a good vacay! happy new year! :)