Wednesday, December 1, 2010


lots of things on my mind today.
mainly, i'm pretty glad that i'm finished with a good chunk of school stuff for the semester. two more weeks. two more weeks.
i just have to keep repeating that!

This post from Kate also has me thinking. 
be careful if you read it, its a swift kick in the pants!

This little dishl is in the oven right now. 
and our apartment smells ah.mazing.

and speaking of cooking,
I was reminded today how much I love my immersion blender.

do you have one of these gadgets? are you as obsessed as I am with it?!
and finally,
i'm fighting a mental battle over whether to keep drowning in research, letting school get the best of me, being a good student and working on homework or to let myself sew a little bit. 
decisions decisions.

happy hump day!  :)

**also, in other news- IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT! and its lovely outside. all is well in indiana today.


Married In Chicago said...

that looks so deliciously cheesy!

Hillary said...

made this the other day. amazing.

also. added immersion blender to the Christmas list.

love you!