Sunday, November 21, 2010

budget eating.

supper's in the crockpot and our apartment smells De.Lish.Ious!

in the 16 months we've been married, I kind of feel like I've mastered shopping on a budget.
J makes fun of me because I am kind of obsessed with it.
But living on one (measly) income teaches you really quick how to shop on the cheap.
and while I watch the Colts and Patriots (while taunted by the amazing smell coming from my kitchen), I thought I'd impart some of my tips to anyone who cares to read :)

1.avoid grocery stores. Unless I have the most amazing coupon and a grocery store is having a double or triple coupon day...i skip it. No matter what way you slice it, they are just more expensive. Even if you find one item that is cheaper, I guarantee I pay twice that in gas just to drive to said store for said single item. not worth it.

2. shop exclusively at Aldi and Wal-Mart. in that order. Say what you will about both stores, but they are my budget's best friend. Especially Aldi. Did you know that its even owned by the same German dude who owns Trader Joe's? Its true. And contrary to popular belief, Aldi has some pretty delicious food. I would venture to say that I married a pretty brand-name-stuck-up guy, but even he prefers most Aldi items over grocery generics. Booyah.

3. make a menu. I plan 2-3 weeks worth of meals at a time. And from this menu I make my grocery list. This ensures that I'm only buying what I need. Sure, by the end of those 2 weeks, our cabinets are bare. But I've only spent what I needed to spend. 

4. And lastly, I don't take my husband with me :D. Just kidding...kind of. He'll even admit that our grocery bill is $10-15 more when he tags along, as he loves sales, any good deal, and always feels a "treat" is necessary. 

All this to say, I loooove grocery shopping and saving money. Just last night we went grocery shopping for the last time until January (minus some produce that won't last) and I could not be more giddy! 

anyone else get as jazzed about groceries or saving money as I do?!


Interprintations said...

I love going into the store with a list....makes me feel so much better about my grocery shopping. =)

Wish I had time to stick around this evening to sample the homemade bread!

Puckett's said...

Katie! I didn't know you had a blog and I am catching up with all of your posts-this reminds me, we still need to catch up with each other on the phone! Anyway, I love this post about grocery shopping because I do the exact same thing.

Also, I wish we lived closer because I think we would have fun doing crafts together. :)

Herrington Photography said...

I like the menu planning idea. I've tried, but can't seem to make it work. I get bored with the SAME three recipes over and over again. Then I get frustrated and we end up eating out. you write up your menus in Word or something or do you just remember them? Where do you pull your recipe inspiration from?

Katie said...

Laura....yes a phone date! I'm off work tomorrow and calling you :)

Bethany...I have a master list in my head of our favorite meals, easy ones, slowcooker ones, you know "the usuals." But I have a pad of paper that hangs on our fridge and I write out the days Sunday-Saturday and write the meal next to it. I find most of my meals from Family Circle or one of my cookbooks. I try to make a least one new thing a week. Once you get going...its so much fun!