Thursday, November 18, 2010

friendships, grad school, and other life things.

this week has been absolutely crazy. (in so many ways)
i have some pretty kick-in-the-pants papers and projects for school 
J left his job (to move on to bigger and better things though!)
we went to small group again (another success!)
i had a bit of annoying health things (really facial swelling? every wednesday? you're getting on my nerves.)
aaaand murphy peed on our white curtains again.

but really, I love busyness and challenges and its not been all bad.
although my grad school plate is piled hight right now, the end of the semester is This.Close. and i have next week off for thanksgiving. (can I get a hallelujah?!) 
God's been So.Very.Faithul. with the job situation. I've never felt so much at peace about such an uncertain thing. (another hallelujah? yes please!)
and small group. ohhhhh let me tell you about that. it was wonderful on so many levels! We're on James now, and as J referred to it, its a major kick in the pants. Add to that some wonderful conversation and new friends...and you have a complete grown-up success! J and I both walked away excited about the group and new friends and just being grown ups. I'm so glad we took the step and tried it out!
and I finally have some meds to help with my pesky swelling, so that's most definitely a blessing. still pesky, but not so much.
and murphy. how can I be mad a such a cute, cuddly dog? Exactly. I can't. How am I ever going to be a good parent when I can't even discipline my dog?! 

enough rambling? probably. gold star if you actually read this rambling post :)
happy almost weekend and thanksgiving! 

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Interprintations said...

So he took them up on the new job opportunity? =) How exciting - congrats to J!

Hang in there, winter break is almost here. =) {Can't believe you are almost done with your first semester!}