Friday, October 15, 2010


Last Friday, after lunch with some wonderful friends from high school, I headed to my parents' house to go through some of my things as they're in the middle of cleaning the garage. In addition to discovering some favorite books I had forgotten about and gaining some awesome and free school supplies (am I a nerd?!)...I stumbled on some real gems. 

I've really gotten into sewing after my mom gave me my first machine last year for Christmas. So when she found my great-grandma's sewing box, she knew I'd love it. When I saw it sitting on the fireplace at home, I

this old little beauty has tons of goodies inside! Old buttons, ricrac,lace trim, and old singer needles are just some of the neat stuff my great-grandma passed down! I'm so excited to start on some projects knowing that I have true vintage touches to add!

My mom also gave me permission to rifle through old Christmas decorations and random knickknacks. I found these two old doilies. One has poinsettas and will make a cute Christmas decoration for our coffee table or something...I have quite decided. The other is more spring-summery with brighter colors. But I'm stoked for both!

In the midst of my piles and piles of books (have I mentioned that I love to read?!), I stumbled on a collection of things I saved from studying abroad in France. Among them was this envelope of wine labels I kept from all the different wines we tried. It's where my love for wine began!

And on a (mostly) different note, I went to the Covered Bridge Festival this week with my mom and sister and found this little beauty...

...a vintage gold & pearl necklace that cost me $1. score! (I should note that I also bought two MASSIVE bags of kettle corn. we're.obsessed.)

...and today at Goodwill, I found this little treasure for $1. yes. one buck. One of the candle holders is missing, but I'm on the hunt for a new one at Goodwill to have my dad weld on for me. awesome, right?

and no post with be complete without the murphster.

(he loves watching his reflection. He sat like this all afternoon while I organized the office. what a stud.)

happy weekend!

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Interprintations said...

You are such a bargainista!

...and is that the newly painted mirror through which I see Murphy's reflection?? LOVE IT!