Friday, October 15, 2010

shake face.

this post really has nothing to do with shake faces, but I didn't have a picture of anything else so I thought I'd post this. 

But really, I have three posts half-done. I just have no motivation to upload the photos and finish them. That'd probably be a lot more interesting to read about than shake faces, huh?

I've been thinking about a "blogging direction" lately. and i'm just not sure where mine is going. Should I focus on food and recipes? ('cuz Lord knows I love me some good food)
or should I focus on crafts? 
or home decor stuff? (naw...i'm far to poor for that!)
school? boring.
social work goodness? (maybe that's too serious?)
life in general? is that boring?

hm....lot's to think about. 

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e.e. said...

LOVE the shake face pic!