Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'm bogged down with tons of reading for class right now. and zero motivation to finished said reading (also, I think I need glasses because the words blur together and I get a headache every.single.time. i read. but that's another story!)
also, I want a cuter blog. I see lots of blog templates by an elusive Josh Peterson. I don't know him, but I want one of his templates.
and despite my absence, I have been working on my national sewing month projects! Placemats are underway, fabric for the clutch has been cut...and that's where I am. a post on that later perhaps? When I'm done with my homework?

Also, I decided that if I had a nice camera I would take/post more pictures. But my 5 year old Sony Cybershot isn't doing so hot these days. We're not really on speaking terms.

sigh. back to reading about social policy. joy! :)

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Simply Bonkers! said...

LOL. I'm the same way.
I've got tons of reading to do as well. But I tend to get distracted by thinking about the blog, other things I want to be doing, etc. :-)

I'm praying for you!