Sunday, August 30, 2009

its all kind of weird.

life has been really strange lately. i think i'm finally starting to process and realize what point of life i'm at.

for starters, i'm married. what?! seriously? I'm a married woman. my prefix is Mrs. man, that' and its taking so long to get used to. I mean, i LOVE being married, I have a wonderful husband,

and then there's the whole college thing. its over. o.v.e.r. I graduated. huh?! so.strange! I live right next to Taylor's campus, and its that time of year when everyone's coming back to campus, reuniting, getting back in the groove of college life...and I'm not a part of that at all. weird.

along with that comes work. I'm a working woman. with a full-time, somewhat professional job. As in, someone decided that I was qualified to fit the role of Case Manager for seriously mentally ill adults. what the heck? who in their right mind decided that?! But 5 days a week, I sit and counsel people and talk to Medicaid and FSSA and somehow fool everyone to think that I know what the heck I'm doing. and I mean, I LOVE my job, but how the heck am I old enough to have a career?!

speaking of age, I'm 23. 2.3. when did that happen? In my mind, a 23 year-old seems mature and responsible and like they have a pretty cool life. Since when was I put in that category? I still feel 16. seriously. I have no idea how I have been alive for 23 years. I mean, I know that I'm not old by anyone's standards, I'm just saying that this seriously snuck up on me. and its weird.

i'm sure there's tons of more weird things, but i'll end with the weirdest of all. i have a new name. no more rhyming katie brady. no more stupid brady bunch jokes. nope. katie rush it is. and its dang weird. so weird, i haven't really reckoned with it yet. and i'm not too sure when i will. its just so strange!

man. life is so weird right now. its such a great season to be in, but so much transition has my head spinning. And there's not much indication of it slowing down too soon. I think I need it to, though.

sigh. time to go be sick on the couch w/some project runway.

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