Thursday, October 9, 2008

you know what its like when you're sick and it literally affects your entire body? ugh. that's how i feel and have felt for awhile. its probably the main reason for my blogging absence. i just feel plain sick. i'll spare you all the details. but i'm going to a gastroentologist next week, if that gives away anything.

on a lighter note, i am finally beginning to enjoy my contemporary christian belief class. still don't love the format or professor. but i enjoy the study of apologetics and why i believe what i believe. i met with a girl today to dialogue my outline over pluralism. its so interesting and good to talk about. how do i defend my faith to a pluralist? whether they are intellectual like Hick (as Plantinga discusses in his book) or Oprah-like pluralist, its is good to be able to discuss and talk through things. i am really learning alot about this right now and loving it. i should probably write more. i just don't really have the energy to. ick.

prayer. i'm working on a post about this. prayer is so powerfuland necessay and often overlooked in my generation it seems. i have seen so many fruits of this spiritual discipline in my life, especially in the last year or so. my room (or the apt. as we fondly call it :)) has become such a beautiful place of prayer. whether it is me alone in the morning on the couch, the moment one of my roommates is feeling attacked spiritually, or just at night as we go to bed. i love it. and am so grateful for a God that desires such a personal relationship with us.

happy thursday :)


katemcdonald said...

Hope you get feeling better, Katie. Nothing like "that" kind of sick to wear you out. I will praying for you!

Looking forward to the post on prayer

katemcdonald said...

feeling any better?