Friday, October 3, 2008

date night.

date night is the best thing to ever happen to justin and i. i love it and look forward to it so much. even though we see each other almost everyday and get alone time during the week, its so nice to have those uninterupted intentional hours with simply each other.

yesterday was no exception. we take turns planning, and this is his week. he has been so excited about it all week and wouldn't tell me what we were doing. so we left around 4:45 and got on the interstate. i didn't feel well, so i wasn't even trying to figure it out but instead, just enjoyed the long drive and talking with him. 40 minutes later, i see him pulling into an Arni's parking lot. friends, if you don't know or have not experienced Arni's, you are missing out. It is a central Indiana celebrity. It is also the local pizza place I worked at in high school. They are all over the middle of the Hoosier state (especially where i live). And i am literally in love with their salads and pizzas. its my favorite pizza in the world. and i think the other day i mentioned that i was craving it. so my wonderful boyfriend drove all the way to indianapolis to take me there! how precious is that?! i loved it! and then, he took me to see Nights in Rodanthe, which I of course cried through (and was nothing like the book). And the most meaningful part of the whole night was that it wasn't justin's favorite movie or food or even music in the car. but he loves me and loves loving me. and tonight he did just that, so selflessly. it was just what i needed. am i blessed by this boy or what?!

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katemcdonald said...

glad you had such a great date should tell him to start a blog and inform the rest of the men out there how to do it! *grin*