Sunday, September 28, 2008

typical hoosier weekend

i think i speak for all college students when i say i live for the weekends. (ok, secretly i don't at all...i love class and the routine of the week...but i'm supposed to say that i do).

this weekend was not an exception to the rule. it was perhaps one of the best weekends i can remeber at Taylor. what made it so special? so many things.

friday after class, i hurried to the Dining Commons to pick up enough cookout food to feed 56 people. whoa. at the same time, my oh-so-sweet boyfriend was trying to figure out how to get a grill from his house to the Upland Park...approximately 2 miles away. dilemma. i think getting it there involved him illegally sitting with it, holding on for his life, in the back of a Taurus. all i know is it got where it needed to be. the next hour we spent grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, moving picnic tables, and me watching him swat bees with his hands and only end up making them angrier.

Why were we doing all of this? because it was 3rd Center Olson (the wing that I live on)'s first and ANNUAL pick-a-date. if you don't know what a PAD is, its a Taylor tradition of group dating. always fun. and slightly awkward. our first one of the year is always to the infamous Gas City Speedway and is a roommate pick, where your roomie picks your date for you and you don't find out who it is until that night. This year it was hilarious because most of the freshmen had never even met their date until that night.

so before we headed to the speedway, we all met at the park and ate cookout style. afterwards, we played ridiculous racing games. i forgot to mention that we ran out of propane in the middle of cooking the hot dogs, so we had 23 extra uncooked ones. (somehow, by the grace of God there was still enough food!) We geniusly came up with quite possibly the most awkward game ever. each couple had to put one end of the hot dog in their mouth and then run to the fence and back. the first couple back with their dog intact won some sort of prize. my co-PA and I could have cared less who was simply hilarious to watch! you should have seen the faces when we were explaining the game. mortified is one word i would use to describe it!!! but it was tons of fun and everyone enjoyed it!

after the games, we cleaned up and headed to the track which was amazing. i grew up going to races like these with my dad so i loved it. others kind of made fun of it and liked it. but everyone had a good time. most people left after the hot laps and heat races during intermission. Justin and I, however, were the last two left, as we stuck around for the ENTIRE thing. he LOVED it. my dad is always talking to him about racing and he seriously had the best time of his life. anytime there was a wreck, he went crazy. he was like a giddy little boy and it was so fun!

oh the things taylor students do for fun in the cornfields of indiana.

the weekend only got better from there though. my best friend since kindergarten, emily, got engaged yesterday. Her now fiance had called me a few weeks ago and invited justin and I to go out to eat with them and the families we drove to anderson and it was a blast. a little funny too, as we realized later that we witnessed the parents meeting for the first time. families are so funny and different.

oh. and i forgot to mention my oh-so-wonderful car has a flat tire. i leave it at justin's house right now, so yesterday when i called to tell him we should getting going to anderson, he informed me of the flat. neat. so i asked him to make sure the donut was in the trunk, fully expecting it to be there. no. so, we had to borrow a car and my parents are coming today to fix it (somehow) for me. how did i lose a spare tire? i have no idea. but i wouldn't put it past myself. i lose everything. misplace actually.

and so for the rest of the day, i plan on doing some crafty things and re-reading Nights in Rodanthe before we go see the movie for date night on Thursday. and then visiting with the 'rents. and then hosting 2 perpsective students for the night.

oh college. you're so simple and i love you.

oh! here's some pictures of the weekend!

[caption id="attachment_27" align="alignnone" width="390" caption="Justin did ALL the grilling for everyone. and he loved it!"]Justin did ALL the grilling for everyone. and he loved it![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_28" align="alignnone" width="390" caption="Everyone lining up for the awkward hot dog game"]Everyone lining up for the awkward hot dog game[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_29" align="alignnone" width="390" caption="funny? yes."]funny? yes.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_30" align="alignnone" width="390" caption="I forgot to mention the sweet shirt we got...that said "because nascar isn't classy enough" on the back!"]I forgot to mention the sweet shirt we got...that said "because nascar isn't classy enough" on the back![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_32" align="alignnone" width="390" caption="since its the end of the racing season, the gift shop had a 1/2 off sale. you better believe we got sweet matching shirts! :)"])[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_33" align="alignnone" width="390" caption="I'm so excited for emily and chris!!"]I'm so excited for Emily and Chris!![/caption]

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