Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i love living the midwest with four distinct seasons. not only because they are lovely reminders of God character, but also for the memories attached to them. i'm sure i'm not alone when i say that the change in temperature and color of nature around me evokes certain feelings or memories. fall especially. you know that autumn scent? it must be a mix of the crisp weather, slowly fading foliage, and even the occasional fire. as i walked on campus today, i was flooded with memories of past autumn's. raking leaves with my sisters and making huge piles to jump in. tagging along with my parents in my new Nike pullover to the local furniture store in middle school. high school football games...cheerleading, handwarmers, letter jackets, even high school romance. visiting my sisters at Purdue. freshman year at Butler. road trip to Salisbury to visit the Puckett's. hitting rock bottom of my depression. and most recently, settling into life in France this time last year. some are easier to remember than others. was it only three years ago that i was sitting with megan at starbucks every morning at Butler, splitting a blueberry muffin and sipping a Chai creme frapp? am i really only two years removed from my lowest point of depression and inability to experience Jesus? time really does heal all wounds and restores all things.

i guess the change in weather and thoughts of past and changes made since then have me in a very comtemplative mood today. i'm probably not putting the right words with my thoughts. but i know that today, i was strongly remind of God's grace in my life specifically. to say that He pulled me out of the pit (of myself) and into his arms is nothing short of true. its is only through his grace and love that i can breathe in the cool air today, watching the colored leaves blow around me, and smile. he has set me free.

what does this season remind you of?

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katemcdonald said...

I walked out of the house this morning with a jacket to feed the dogs and I just FELT it. I think Autumn is a feeling. ...a cozy one made up of warm drinks and pink noses and visible breath in crisp air. LOVE IT