Sunday, August 19, 2018


  How gorgeous are those flowers my mom brought over for my birthday? The antique blue pitcher! The grocery store flowers mixed with her garden greens! So lovely, in fact, that I actually put them in our bedroom so I can see them every morning. A good friend also brought over a huge mixed bouquet this weekend- so I have flowers on every floor of my house and it makes me smile every time I see them.
  Those pretty flowers don't have anything to do with this post, except that I haven't done a sort of life lately snapshot for awhile and those blooms sort of capture it right now. I love these little lists because they're such a good summary of my days!

Listening to a mix of kids songs (our cd from VBS is on permanent replay), Beckah Shae (Caleb is VERY into her beat) and Eric Hutchinson. Basically, happy music all day everyday. Also, GirlTalk on my runs!
Loving little pockets of time I've had with friends lately. Wine nights, early morning starbucks, quick play date chats- they've added up to make for such a full summer for my heart. 
Reading I'm slowly working my way through Psalms and its sort of wrecking me in the best ways. Such a great book of the Bible to sit in for awhile!
Burning that's such a funny category to create, but worth it because I just restocked on my favorite fall candle and my house smells wonderful!
Making an amazing corn salsa recipe a friend gave me last year and I'd completely forgotten about until last week. It may be all I eat for the next two weeks. Also, the Pioneer Woman's breakfast pizza ANY CHANCE I have to cook for a crowd. 
Dreaming about the day I will put my plans to open a boutique into action. Soon? Never? 
Drinking honestly? Water and boxed wine, because I'm classy like that. Have you tried Bota Box? Its perfect for me, because I can have a glass and the rest of the box will last for WEEKS without going bad. 
Wanting a million dollars to invest in some fun fall clothes :)
Trying to really, really lean into this season of life. For all sorts of reasons, I'm rethinking how we do our days and my attitude and what I spend my time on. It's probably boring to anyone other than me, but maybe a blog post on really really committing to these years as a full-time mom and wife and outside of a 9-5 job?
Looking forward to our annual lake weekend! We head out on Friday and it is always the best way to end the summer. 
Working on half marathon training. For whatever reason, its been harder to be consistent this year. Making a plan to keep with it this week!

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