Friday, September 8, 2017

Weekly Top 5 | v.3

 Thumbs up for Friday! The days are already getting shorter and it seems as if the warm weather really is on its way out. I've been drinking my favorite chai every morning and started layering the boys' outfits each day. I love it! Caleb started preschool this week and its been so stinking fun. He is in such a different place developmentally this year and already loves school! He's happy when I drop him off (never even says goodbye!) and is bouncing off the walls with excitement when I pick him up. The in-between hours have been a fun chance for Tyler and I to hang out and I think we both love that one-on-one time that's been rare since he and Caleb are so close in age.

  We're spending the weekend sort of trading off time with the kids; I have a training for church and Justin has to work. But we're squeezing in some fun time with friends tonight and hopefully a fun family dinner/park date tomorrow!

Here's some weekend reading for you:

1. BBW wax melts. I'm super picky when it comes to fragrances and I don't branch out often. One of my all time favorites is Leaves from Bath & Body Works and I just discovered this week that it comes in inexpensive wax melts! Its perfect because I have a couple of wax warmers that I never use after not being able to find scents I actually like. With their 3/$12 sale, my house officially smells like Fall now!

2. Spotify playlists. I'm SO late to this, I know. But Justin just showed me how to use spotify on my phone (we share an account) and I downloaded this and this playlist and I LOVE THEM.

3. Emily's blog post on wellness vs science. If you're a human, you should read it!

4. Busy boxes. I know this is super toddler-mom specific, because that's my life right now. I made the boys a handful of simple learning and sensory boxes this week and I've been so surprised at how big of a hit they are! The current favorites are kinetic sand (of course), matchbox car 'parking garage', and the biggest hit has been the dry pinto bean box.

5. Jen Hatmaker and Brene Brown. If you only ever listen to one podcast in your life, make it this one.

Happy weekending!

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Unknown said...

Loved the Jen and Brene podcast. So much "yes"!