Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Good List. v.|1

  This is it! The first ever Good List! I'm so excited for this new blog series. If you know me or having been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that I love good things. By this, I mean things that do good, are good, inspire good. (Keep reading to see how you can win yourself a free goodie from this month's list!)

  This week, I'm sharing my favorite 5 things from Noonday's Fall line. Do I even need to tell you why they make the good list? In fact, Noonday Collection is the first thing that ever made me stop and think and really start to value socially conscious companies. I discovered it in 2012 through Tara and Paige and fell in love immediately. The mission, the partnerships with artisans, the conversations it initiates, the families it supports- all of it is rooted in good and I just believe in it. (So much so that I became an Ambassador!)

  Every piece from Noonday does good- it employs artisans around the world in vulnerable communities and helps them rise from poverty or simply earn a dignified living (read more about it all here). Noonday inspires good by giving money regularly to help support adoptions! We work with 4431 artisans around the globe- helping to provide full-time sustainable employment and healthy working conditions! Over 1621 adoptions have been funded in part by Noonday! That's SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. And it all happens because of people like you opening your homes for good. And from wearing cool jewelry and saying 'you know what? I've got a few bucks and I'm going to go spend it on Noonday!

  So, without further adieu, here are my 5 favorite good things from the Fall line!

Birds of a Feather earrings (Haiti) These earrings are everything. That sounds dramatic, I know. But seriously. Lightweight, super unique and beautiful, go with everything, make a statement (but not too much!), are inexpensive ($32!), and they're made in Haiti. The country has always had a special place in my heart and I find myself extra loving everything from our artisans there!

Rose gold Druzy studs (India) Classy and timeless- these are a jewelry box staple. Our artisan partners in India are earning dignified wages in a country marked by the painful caste system- I love the story Noonday is helping them tell!

Soar necklace (Vietnam) So pretty and perfect for Fall. Its made of Mother of Pearl, which makes it just plain pretty! And there's a fun little tassel on the clasp! Even better? Noonday's sales provide full-time employment for 180 families. Purchasing this necklace (and other pieces made by our Vietnamese artisan partners) literally creates income for nearly 200 families on the other side of the globe!

Haitian leather tassel (Haiti) One of my personal favorites from the Fall line! Maybe that's silly? But I love that it's a little bold (electric blue!) and still classy (leather). I keep it on my Rustic Leather Tote (my current diaper bag) and it just pops it up a notch! And again, I love everything from our Haitian artisan partners- there stories are amazing and everything they make is👌

Wildflower clutch (Peru) Ok, so this is exactly a brand new item. But I've been eying and finally bought it for myself. IT'S AMAZING. I get compliments on it every time I've used it, its super well made and durable, and its simply gorgeous. I basically look for any occasion to swap out my diaper bag for a girls' night out to be able to use it. And its handmade in Peru!

  There you have it- v.|1 of The Good List. Everything on the list is good- they are all helping to support vulnerable communities around the globe and, when you buy them, they initiate good conversations! I cannot even count up the number of times someone has commented on my necklace or purse and I've been able to share with them the idea of shopping with a purpose and being mindful of how we personally can help change the world. Noonday Collection is a company that is doing good stuff, selling good stuff, and inspire all of us to do good too!

  And, as a fun extra- I'll be giving away something from each volume of The Good List. Sign up here to receive The Good List Newsletter and you're automatically entered!

  Check back next month for the next volume of The Good List! It won't always (or even often!) be a list of products to buy, so don't worry. We'll talk about lots of other good things, people, habits, and more. I promise you'll love it. And if you have an idea for The Good List- let me know!

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